Photographs of your wedding day will help you make your memories last a lifetime. Arrangements for photography, including video, during the ceremony should first be discussed with your officiant. Locations for set-up for both photography and videography must be cleared in advance by the Events and Conference Coordiantor. Wedding photographers not on the approved vendors list must be approved by the Events and Conference Coordinator in advance of the wedding. For a list of local approved photographers visit Resources. Approval requirements include the photographer's proof of insurance, a signed copy of the Vendor Protocols Form, and a physical walk-through of the site with the Events and Conference Coordinator no later than the afternoon of the rehearsal. Please discuss these requirements with your photographer as they may incur additional costs.

Where May We Take Photographs At the University Chapel?

Please see the Wedding Party Protocols Form (Forms) for detailed instructions for photography locations.

Are There Any Restrictions Regarding Photography Equipment?

  • Equipment must be restricted to cameras; built-in or attached flash and/or remote cameras.
  • No ladders or portable lights may be brought into the building.
  • Tripods are allowed in the balcony only.
  • The balcony is open for use by the photographer.
  • Photographers may not bring food or drink into the Chapel.
  • Photographers (or anyone else) may not stand in the pews.

May We Videotape Our Ceremony?

You may video your ceremony if your clergy approves. All video must be done with a stationary camera and with existing lighting only; the best location for this is in the balcony.