Music & Sound

Music is a personal choice that will enhance the beauty and meaning of your wedding ceremony. The following guidelines will help you in planning this aspect of your wedding at the University Chapel.

What Instruments Are Available In the University Chapel?

The chapel balcony is furnished with an Erben organ that was given to the University in 1872 in memory of Robert E. Lee. Because of the historical significance and age of this instrument, we require that you use an organist from our approved list (visit Resources.)

A grand piano is also located on stage and can be used by a pianist of your choice. The piano must stay in its present location, below the portrait of George Washington, and may not be moved under any circumstances. The piano is the property of the W&L Music Department and is regularly turned. If you feel that an additional tuning is required, you must make arrangements through that department. You may contact the music department at 540-458-8852 to schedule the University's approved piano technician.

May We Use Other Musicians For Our Wedding Ceremony?

While the use of the organ is restricted to our approved list of musicians, the choice of other musicians is yours. Stringed quartets, vocalists, trumpeters or other musicians are welcome. Visit Resources for a partial list of local musicians. There are, however, a few restrictions:

  • You or your musicians must provide all necessary music stands; there are none available in the Chapel.
  • If your musicians wish to rehearse any music, they must do so during your scheduled rehearsal or reserve additional time if time is available. Additional time must be approved by the Events and Conference Coordinator.

May We Use Recorded Music For Our Ceremony?

Recorded music will be considered at the discretion and approval of the Events and Conference Coordinator.

Are There Microphones Available In the University Chapel?

Two hand-held microphones and one lavalier microphone (useful for the officiant) are available for your use.  The Events and Conference Coordinator can advise you about acoustics in the Chapel.