The University Chapel is an elegant space in which to be married and it needs little decoration. Because of high demand on our space, the number and types of decorations that you can use in the Chapel is restricted. Our local florists know all our requirements and can help you create a beautiful and memorable atmosphere for your wedding. Only vendors on our approved list may be used.

What Types of Decorations May We Use and Where May We Place Them?

  • You may hang wreaths on the outside doors from the hooks that are provided.
  • You may place arrangements on each side of the table in the foyer. Nothing can be placed on the exhibit case that holds the Book of Remembrance.
  • You may place bows or flowers on the pews using ribbons, chenille-covered wire, or plastic brackets available through florists.
  • You may decorate the two iron banisters that lead up to the stage, using ribbon or chenille-covered wire as attachments.
  • An approved florist ONLY may decorate the decorative grill gates and in a manner that is approved by the Manager. The decision to close the solid doors in front of the statue chamber lies with the bridal party.
  • You may decorate the two portable lecterns with flowers or ribbons, using ribbon or chenille covered wire as attachments.
  • You may place up to two floral arrangements on the stage, either on the floor or on pedestals that you rent or are provided by your florist. You may place the arrangements on a table, if you are using one as an altar. You must ensure that all surfaces are protected.
  • You may place ferns or plants on the floor in front of the decorative grill gates as a screen to the statue chamber.

What Restrictions Are There On Decorations In the University Chapel?

  • Absolutely no lit candles or open flame of any type. We apologize that this includes use of a Unity Candle.
  • No flower petals (real or silk) may be strewn inside the Chapel.
  • No rice, birdseed, flower petals, dried flowers, balloons or any other material may be thrown or released outside the University Chapel. We suggest that you consider blowing bubbles instead.
  • Decorations may be placed on the outside doors, in the foyer, on the ends of the pews, the stage railings and the stage. Restricted areas include all columns, windows, and the balcony.
  • No tape, nails, staples, brads or other damaging materials may be used to attach decorations or signs.
  • No items may be used that shed, including ferns, greens or materials covered with glitter.
  • No flags may be displayed in the Chapel other than the University flags which include the
    American flag, the Virginia State flag, the flag of the Society of the Cincinnati, and the flag of the University. These flags may only be moved by university personnel.

May Our Vendors Arrive Before Our Scheduled Reservation In Order To Set Up?

The Chapel will usually be open to the public until the appointed hour for your wedding reservation. No deliveries, photography, or any other preparations may be conducted in the Chapel before your appointed reservation begins.  Adhering to the designated schedule ensures that each wedding receives its allotted time, free of disruption, and allows our visitors maximum and undisturbed access to the main floor exhibition space (stage and statue area).  Deliveries must be made to the front doors of the Chapel and there must be someone associated with your wedding party to meet your vendor. Your vendor may park on Letcher Avenue at the sidewalk that leads to the Chapel.

When Should Decorations Be Removed?

All decorations MUST be removed immediately following the wedding. For example, if your wedding is at 6:00, everything must be cleared out of the Chapel by 7:30. This refers to ALL decorations, including flowers, greenery, rented pedestals and bows - there will be NO exceptions. Everything MUST be removed no later than the end of your allotted 2 1/2 time period or a penalty will be applied.  Please refer to the Wedding Party Protocol Form (see Forms).