Protocol for the Use of the University Chapel

Thank you for choosing the University Chapel for your event. We are here to serve you. Below is a list of requirements that will help us preserve the building for future generations and create a smooth operation of the facility for all groups. Please read them over carefully before signing below.

Building Use

  • All arrangements for use of the building are the responsibility of the sponsoring department. Adequate staff should be assigned to the event by the sponsoring department to insure compliance with guidelines.
  • Only the Chapel auditorium is available for events. The Museum and Lee's Office are locked and are off limits to users after the operational day concludes.
  • Please have a person designated to remain with the Chapel from the time seating begins until either a security officer (Univ. Security phone: 540-458-8999) or a guide resumes control of the building. If the event is during the operational day, the person responsible for the building must notify the guide stationed in the museum entry prior to leaving the building.
  • Prior arrangements must be made for the prompt removal of all items brought into the Chapel. If additional equipment is needed, it should arrive at the Chapel as late in the day reserved as possible and must be removed prior to the opening of the Chapel the next day (9am daily; 1pm Sundays). Any clean-up that is necessary is the responsibility of the sponsoring department. The Chapel must be left in a clean and orderly condition, ready to receive public visitors.


  • The statue chamber gates remain locked and closed for all events. You have the option to have the four University flags (American flag, VA state flag, Society of Cincinnati flag and University flag) in front of the gates,(standard), or the closed gates with no flags visible. The solid metal doors may be closed at your request which completely seals off the statue chamber. 11 black arm chairs are available for the stage. If you need more chairs, please note in the comment section of the reservation. Any other furnishing needs (such as tables) must be obtained by the sponsoring agent through Facilities Management.
  • The piano must remain in its position at the left of the stage. The large lectern will be either center stage or moved to the right side of the stage, as arranged through the reservation process.
  • Arrangements for use of the organ must be made in advance. Rehearsal time may be arranged with the manager.
  • Please do not use any tape on the pews to post signs or elsewhere in the Chapel. For reserved seating, signs without tape or adhesive may be laid directly on the seat of the designated space. Reservation or "reserved" signs for reserving an entire pew are available for your use. It is the responsibility of the department to provide name specific reserved signs and to install same.
  • See the Reservation Form for other setup options.


  • There is no access to the restrooms after closing because they are located within the museum area. The closest restrooms are located on the Colonnade. Museums staff can provide additional information.

Fire Regulations

  • Fire regulations prohibit any person from standing at the rear, in the aisles of the auditorium, or from sitting or standing on the balcony stairs. No one may lean on the balcony rail and children are encouraged to remain downstairs for their own safety.


  • No food or beverages-including water, are permitted in the Chapel. The only exception is for the stage party or choir, and water for their use must be confined to the stage or balcony. Medical conditions requiring water will be at the discretion of the Site Manager.
  • Cell phones should be placed on vibrate during an event.
  • Candles and open flames are NOT permitted under any circumstances.
  • No Smoking is permitted.


  • Photography is permitted in the auditorium without flash. Chapel personnel may request that photos not be taken during a lecture or concert.

Press Coverage

  • If the sponsoring organization desires to have outside press coverage from local radio or TV stations, permission to do so must be requested from the Office of Communications and Public Affairs two weeks prior to the event. Certain rules apply that must be communicated to members of the press.


  • To ensure the preservation and protection of this historic building, the reserved time frames are limited. Seating normally begins no more than 30 minutes prior to the start of the program. In the case of anticipated capacity or near-capacity events, 45 minutes seating time may be permitted. However, for high capacity events, a minimum of 4 ushers is required to assist in filling the building in the least disruptive manner.


  • The minimum fee for use of the Chapel is $500.00 for those not affiliated with the University. Payment is due within thirty (30) days of making the reservation in order to confirm the reservation. Make the check payable to Washington and Lee University and mail it to the Event Coordinator (see address below).

Signature Information

Thank you for your compliance with these rules. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at (540) 458-8768 or email us at prior to completing the reservation process.

On the linked PDF document, please provide the name of person responsible for this event and their cell phone number. Please sign and date the form and return to Associate Director, Museums at Washington and Lee University, 204 N. Main Street, Lexington, VA 24450.

By signing, you agree that you have read and understand all of the above rules governing the use of the Chapel for events and agree that all parties associated with this use will comply with the rules as stated.