University Budget

The University's budget is composed of the Operating Budget (11 Fund), the Auxiliary Budget (10 Fund) and the Restricted Budget (12 Fund).

Each winter, parameters for the budgets are established by the Budget Advisory Committee, composed of representatives of senior level administrators and faculty. Once the parameters are set, budget managers and other authorized individuals receive an introductory memo to the budget process for the year with instructions, deadlines and links to the detailed procedure.

The budget managers compile their requests by unit or department and submit them to the supervising Dean, Vice President or the Provost for review. The supervisor reviews the submission and forwards it to the Provost or Vice President for Finance and Treasurer. Once all requests are received in the Budget Office, they are reviewed, compiled and summarized for review by the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer and the Provost and President. It is then forwarded to the Finance Committee as a recommendation for approval by the full Board of Trustees.

Access to the system is controlled by levels of security based on the individual's level of responsibility for the budget. Security is controlled by the Assistant Treasurer responsible for the budget process and the Director, Enterprise Applications.