Suggested Room Layouts

The following seating configurations are suggested for various room uses. Click on the layout name for a printer-friendly (pdf) diagram of the layout.

Generic (Seats 32)

The Generic set-up consists of one table seating two at the front of the room next to the podium. The seating is divided into three rows consisting of one table with two seats on the left and two tables with four seats on the right of a center aisle. At the back of the room, five tables are joined together to make a conference table seating four on each side and two on each end.

Conference Room (Seats 12)

The Conference Room set-up consists of six tables pushed together in the center of the room to form a large rectangular table with six seats on each side.

Board Room (Seats 28)

The Board Room set-up consists of fourteen tables, three on each end and four on each side, joined together to form a rectangle with an open center. This configuration seats six on each end and eight on each side.

Assembly (Seats 48)

The Assembly set-up uses chairs only, in eight rows of six facing the podium and screen. Each row consists of three seats on each side of a center aisle.

Classroom/Training I (Seats 20)

The Classroom/Training I set-up consists of 10 tables with two seats each, set up in five rows facing the screen and podium with a center aisle.

Classroom/Training II (Seats 28)

The Classroom/Training II set-up consists of 14 tables in five rows facing the podium and screen. In the first four rows there is one table seating two to the left of the center aisle and two tables seating four to the right of the aisle. The fifth row contains just two tables seating four to the right of the aisle.

Small Group Workshop (Seats 28)

The Small Group Workshop set-up features 14 tables arranged facing each other in groups of two, with two seats on either side. There are four rows of tables to the left of the center aisle and three rows to the right.