About the Treasurer's Office

Welcome to the website for the University's Treasurer and Vice President for Finance. The Treasurer's role at the University is quite well-defined. Within the University Bylaws, it states, "The Treasurer shall be responsible for the authorized receipt, custody, and disbursement of University funds, shall maintain and be the custodian of financial accounts and records of the University, and, subject to the direction and prior approval of the Board, shall have charge of the investment of the funds of the University." In order to meet these obligations, the office is very ably supported by the Assistant Director of Programs and Risk Management, Lori Oliver; the Business Office, led by Associate Treasurer and Controller Celia Kovac.

Between this site and the Business Office site, our hope is to provide relevant and appropriate information on the University's finances, policies, practices and programs that are administered through the offices, forms which are intended to assist you in processing requests with the offices and general information on our operations which may shed some light on an area that is fully intended to support the University's primary mission of providing an excellent education grounded in the liberal arts.

Naturally, we cannot anticipate every question or situation that may arise that would require you to contact us; however, we have tried to highlight through the links the major topical areas with which you may need assistance. In the end, however, our business is a business of service, and we welcome any calls or visits to explore your questions or concerns. Please feel free to stop by the Treasurer's Office on the third floor of the Old Courthouse building in downtown Lexington or by the Business Office on the second floor of the same Old Courthouse building. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 540-458-8740 or by e-mail at loliver@wlu.edu.

On behalf of the staff of these offices, I hope that your interactions with us are both professional and pleasant.

Steve McAllister
Treasurer and Vice President for Finance
Washington and Lee University