Injury Prevention & Movement Conditioning for Dancers

Injury Prevention & Movement Conditioning for Dancers

Dr. Sarah Gosslin

September 27, 2022 from 5-6:30 p.m.

W&L Dance Studio

Sarah Gosslin is a Physical Therapist that specializes in dance medicine, with a BA in dance from James Madison University (JMU). She currently serves as adjunct faculty at JMU, teaching Anatomy and Somatic Studies and Injury Prevention and Conditioning.

She is passionate about melding the worlds of dance and science, and believes that providing students a better understanding of how their body works can enhance and support their artistry.

She also offers injury screens and masterclasses through her business, SG Performance. The injury screens provide an in-depth look at movement patterns and strength that may place a student at risk for injury. Each student receives an individual report with results, as well as suggestions to decrease risk.

Masterclasses are available in multiple topics; examples include safe stretching for dancers, improving turnout and matching anatomy to movement.