The Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment

The Ruth E. Flournoy Theatre Endowment was created in 1998 by Mrs. Flournoy as a departmental support fund in honor of her husband, Dan H. Flournoy '64, and her children, Sarah M. Flournoy '97 and John W. Flournoy '99. Return from this endowment annually supports visiting guest artists on campus, including teachers and production support professionals ranging from single performances to residential teaching/performing engagements. Over the years, this generous endowment has supported the artistic and educational mission of the department in various ways. 

For the 2017 - 2018 school year, the Flournoy Theatre Endowment and The Roger Mudd Center for Ethics are sponsoring: The Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks.

On February 8, 2018 in the afternoon, she will conduct a 90-minute workshop titled “Watch Me Work.”

WATCH ME WORK is a play with an action and dialogue—it’s also a Meta-theatrical FREE writing class!
This performance piece, a meditation on the artistic process and an actual work session, features Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Suzan-Lori Parks working on her newest project. The class is invited to watch Suzan-Lori work, and/or share the space and get some of their own writing work done. During the last fifteen minutes of the performance, Parks will answer any questions the audience might have regarding their own work and their creative process.

On February 8, 2018 in the evening evening at 5:30 p.m., Parks will present a 50-minute keynote talk, with a theme of “Equality & Difference” followed by 20 minutes of audience questions and a book signing reception.

On February 9, a.m. TBD, Parks will visit two classes, leading a one-hour Q & A session with each class. Students will have studied her work and come prepared with questions.


• 2016 - 2017 Sylvia Milo, The Other Mozart

• 2015-2016 Adam Rapp was the recipient of the Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment.

• 2013-2015 Latiana Gourzong was the recipient of the Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment.

• 2012-2013 Andrew Becker was the recipient of the Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment.

• 2011-2012 Anthony Lawrence was the recipient of the Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment.

From 2012-2015 The Ruth E. Flournoy Theater Endowment supported the department’s production season by hiring high quality Technical Directors from around the country. They coordinated the artistic work of faculty, guest artists and students to execute the highest caliber productions our department have ever presented.

Past Playwright Festivals include:

2010-2011: Lucinda McDermott's Feeding on Mulberry Leaves along with several other special performances and events.

2009: Lucy Thurber's Where We're Born, directed by Marquita Robinson ’10.

2009: Christopher Cartmill's ’84 (written and directed by Christopher Cartmill) The Apotheosis of Vaclav Drda, and readings of The Robbers of Madderbloom, and Nebraska Dispatches.

2008: Tom Ziegler's (written and directed by Tom Ziegler) Father Frances.

2006: Paula Vogel's (directed by Tom Ziegler) How I Learned to Drive, and (student directed by Michael Wagoner ’07) The Long Christmas Ride Home, and a reading of Paula Vogel's (directed by Tom Ziegler) The Oldest Profession

2005: Neil LaBute's (directed by Tom Ziegler) The Shape of Things. A Reading of LaBute's Fat Pig, and The Mercy Seat.

2004: Bo Wilson's (directed by Tom Ziegler) War Story, Bo Wilson's (directed by Tom Evans) My Uncle's Business.

2003: Wendy Kesselman's(directed by Tom Ziegler) The Notebook. Readings by Dwayne Yancey Monument Avenue, Brad Hearn's The High Watermark, and Emily Ecton's ’92 Reign of Tara.

2002: Arlene Hutton's Last Train to Nibroc, and John Henry Redwood's No Niggers, No Jews, and No Dogs. Both directed by Tom Ziegler.