Ashley Hogan '17 London Internship Program

"Studying abroad in London added a unique opportunity to my college experience that I am incredibly grateful to have participated in. I interned for Apt Collections, a small fashion marketing firm, while also taking a class on contemporary Britain. My free time was spent exploring everything around me, whether that meant visiting the local market down the street or taking a bike ride through Hyde Park. I wanted to make sure I could experience it all. Immersing myself in a completely different culture expanded my knowledge, fostered the idea of a global mindset, and sparked my interest in exploring other areas of the world. While in London, I visited Scotland, Ireland, and France and would love to return to Europe again for another adventure."

Kelsey Park '18 BUS 180 in Copenhagen, Denmark

"Whenever I find out that someone is applying for the Denmark program, or has been accepted to go during spring term, I get so excited! I'm positive I startle people a little bit sometimes with my enthusiasm, but I love encouraging people to go if they get the chance. First of all, Copenhagen is incredible. Really, take every opportunity you have to see as much of it as you can. Climb the top of The Spire and see the whole breathtaking city. Sit out by Nyhavn and watch the boats go by. Go shopping on the Stroget. Explore outside of the city, take a day trip to Sweden. There is so much to do and see and every bit of it is beautiful. Second of all, prepare for a class that is rigorous, rewarding, and a totally unique experience. For the entire time that you are in Copenhagen, you are a business professional. The company visits are one of the most interesting parts of the trip; come prepared for your ideas to be taken seriously, and to have meaningful conversations about the role of social responsibility in the corporate world. Also, professors Straughan and Oliver are awesome. Besides being top-notch teachers, they're a ton of fun to travel with! Going to Copenhagen was definitely the highlight of my first year, and I encourage everyone I meet to travel abroad if they are considering it."