Entrepreneurship Competition

The Entrepreneurship Competition (formerly known as the Business Plan Competition) at W&L recognizes innovative students and their team concepts, plans and presentations. The program was launched in 2010 and has become a cornerstone of the Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship, helping students bridge the gap between what they learn in their classrooms and what they will be doing as entrepreneurial professionals in the real world.

Once accepted to the final rounds through preliminary screens, students present their plans to a panel of distinguished alumni judges who have worked as entrepreneurs, technology professionals, venture capitalists, private equity experts, bankers, lawyers, and/or angel investors. Judges evaluate each team based on the quality of the presentation as well as the attractiveness of the entrepreneurial opportunity itself.

At the conclusion of the competition, first, second and third place awards are distributed. Beyond the awards, all students gain valuable experience in the process and feedback on their opportunities. It is not unusual for students to walk away from the event with future professional assistance, internships, job leads and even startup capital or investor contacts.