Pooja Thakur-Wernz Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Huntley 126
Curriculum Vitae

Professor Pooja Thakur-Wernz is a Strategic Management and International Business scholar and educator. She joined W&L faculty in July 2020, as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Business Administration. Prior to joining W&L, she was an Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech and Wichita State University. She completed her Ph.D. in Management from Rutgers University.

Professor Thakur-Wernz's research focuses on the impact of strategic choices made by firms on their international expansion and innovation related activities. Specifically, she has two streams of research: (1) impact of R&D offshoring and outsourcing strategies of multinational enterprises (MNEs) on their new product development projects, and (2) international expansion strategies and innovation by emerging economy MNEs. Professor Thakur-Wernz's industry focus is on the global bio-pharmaceutical industry, and her country
focus is India, her home country, and one of the fastest growing emerging economies. Her research has been published in many well-known strategic management and international business journals.

Professor Thakur-Wernz has taught a variety of courses on strategic management, international business, and international management at the undergraduate, MBA and executive MBA level. She has taught these courses at Rutgers University, Virginia Tech and Wichita State University. She believes in encouraging her students to apply what is taught in class to real world scenarios, and thus her teaching philosophy is geared towards critical thinking. She also brings her experiences gained through extensive international travel to her classroom discussions.


PhD in Management, Rutgers University

MBA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

B.Commerce (Honors), Osmania University (India)


  • Emerging Economy Firms
  • Internationalization
  • Innovation
  • Offshoring
  • Outsourcing
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry


BUS 398 - Strategic Management

Selected Publications

Thakur-Wernz, P. Bruyaka, O. & Contractor, F. (2020) Impact of Offshoring and Outsourcing of Complex Activities on Performance: Global Clinical Trials in Pharmaceutical R&D. Technovation, 90-91 (Impact Factor: 5.25).

Samant, S., Thakur-Wernz, P. & Hatfield, D. (2020) Does the focus of Policy Impact the Nature of Innovation? Evidence from Renewable Energy Sector in Emerging Economies. Energy Policy, 137 (Impact Factor: 4.88).

Thakur-Wernz, P., Cantwell, J. & Samant, S. (2019) Impact of International Entry Choices on the Nature and Type of Innovation: Evidence from Emerging Economy Firms from the Indian Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry. International Business Review, 28(6) (Impact Factor:

Thakur-Wernz, P. & Samant, S. (2019) Relationship between International Experience and Innovation Performance: Importance of Organizational Learning for EMNEs, Global Strategy Journal. 9(3): 355-487 (Impact Factor: 2.73).

Thakur-Wernz, P. (2019) A Typology of Backsourcing: Short-Run Total Costs and Internal Capabilities for Re-internalization. Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing, 12(1): 42-61 (Impact Factor: 1.93).

Thakur-Wernz, P. & Bruyaka, O. (2017) Evolution of Offshoring and Outsourcing Configurations: Evidence from the Biopharmaceutical Industry, Management International Review, 57(6): 909-946 (Impact Factor: 2.69).

Gove, S., Junkunc, M., Bruyaka, O., Ricardo, L., Mingo, S., Song, Y., & Thakur-Wernz, P. (2017) Reexamining CEO Duality: The Surprising Problematic Issue of Conceptualization and Measurement, Corporate Governance: An International Review, 25(6): 411-427. (Impact
Factor: 3.39).

Wernz, C., Thakur-Wernz, P. & Kongkiti P. (2014) Service Convergence and Service Integration in Medical Tourism, Industrial Management & Data Systems, 114(7): 1094-1106 (Impact Factor: 3.73).

Bruyaka, O., Zeitzmann, H., Chalamon, I., Wokutch, R. & Thakur, P. (2012) Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Orphan Drug Development: Insights from the US and the EU Biopharmaceutical Industry, Journal of Business Ethics, 117(1): 45-65 (Impact Factor:

Newburry, W. & Thakur, P. (2010) Multi-Level Impacts on Perceived Career Opportunity from Global Integration, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 21(13): 2358-2380 (Impact Factor: 3.15).