Articles Looking for a quick read to fill in some time before class? These articles provide insight into the varied issues that surround our food system.

Modern Farmer

Food Waste: The Next Food Revolution - Taking a look at a variety of causes and solutions to food waste, this article is an in depth look at one of CK's key missions.

The High Cost of Cheap Labor - Farm labor is a topic wrought with political and social issues, read this article to get a better understanding of the history behind where we are now.

Civil Eats

Don't Call it Food Waste: Entrepreneurs Turn Suplus Food into Gold - Touching on a few companies doing very cool things with commonly wasted products, this article is an inspiring short read

Study Finds Farm Level Food Waste is Much Worse Than We Thought - Interesting account of what farm level food waste looks like and a few companies combating it.

Bringing Fresh Produce to LA's Corner Stores Alone Won't Solve Food Inequality, But It's a Start - Short article looking at a few examples of corner store makeovers focused on the introduction of fresh produce.

After a Decade of Food Access Work, Are People Eating Any Healthier? - Longer piece bringing together comments from five different professionals working in different areas of food access about the effects of terminology, supermarkets, and public infrastructure on food access.

Wall Street Journal

The Food that Helps Battle Depression - An interesting look at one of the connections between diet and mental health. A good starting point for future research.