Souper Bowl Tackle Childhood Hunger

The Campus Kitchen Souper bowl is a staple of the Lexington community and the W&L experience. The Souper bowl is an annual, community wide, soup tasting event that takes place the Sunday before the football Superbowl to bring the community together, eat some good soup, and tackle childhood hunger. Located in Evans Dining Hall, the event features delicious, local soup from Lexington restaurants and some W&L Fraternities and Sororities. Lined up against the walls, the participating restaurants and groups ladle their soup into small, tea-sized cups to allow people a taste of their creation. Moving from one table to the next, attendees can take a cup from each restaurant of their choice and try a wide variety of soups. There are also deserts and drinks. As people eat, they are serenaded by W&L acapella groups.

In recent years, Campus Kitchen leaders have worked to make the event produce less waste by investing in compostable plates, cups, and silverware. There is also a waste management team who collects people's trash to organize into recycling and compost bins.Although the event lasts just a couple of hours, it has a huge impact on the community and the work of the Campus Kitchen. Every year, hundreds of people stop by to participate in the fun. All proceeds from this souper event go towards the Backpack Program, which serves over 750 pre-k, elementary and middle school students in the Rockbridge area (Lexington and Buena Vista included). Without the Souper bowl, the Backpack Program would not have the funds necessary to do its good work.

Prices: All students- $10, Adults- $15

*Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the 2021 Souper bowl's setup and dates are still being determined. However, the challenge of creating a safe and fun event during this time will make the Souper bowl even better. Stay tuned for more updates!