Hozho Center: Dine Land & Food Sovereignty Wednesday 11/3 | 7:00 pm | Zoom Discussion to be screened in the Harte Center (Leyburn 109)

Join CKWL and the Native American and Indigenous Cohort for a conversation with Dr. Alta Piechowski, Chamisa Begay, and Nanabah Bulman from the Hozho Center about their work revitalizing Diné land and food sovereignty.

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About the Hozho Center:

Our mission is to revitalize the Diné traditional economy by offering direct and indirect services to the Diné people using the philosophy of Hózhóo (to exist sustainability within the natural environment) and K'é (to exist for the benefit of the community).

Thank you to the Department of Art and Art History for their support of this event!