Campus Kitchen Leadership Team The CK LT is a group of dedicated student leaders working to both understand the causes and consequences of food insecurity as well as address them directly.

The Leadership Team (LT) for the Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee (CKWL) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of CKWL, recruiting new volunteers, and developing outreach programs to the Rockbridge Community.  Leadership Team members recover food from local dining halls, grocery stores, and farmer's markets and prepare them into nutritious and delicious meals for members of our community. Membership in the CKWL LT involves a commitment of leading at least two shifts per week, paralleled with participation in educational development programming including speakers, documentary screenings, and topical discussions related to food systems and their impact on poverty.

Executive Board 

President -

Emma Conover '24

VP -

Katie Yurechko '24


Lela Casey '25

Secretary -

Isabel Lourie '24

Kitchen Management Chair -

Michael Wang '25

Lizzy Nguyen '25

Fundraising Chair -

Austin Winslow '26

Strategic Initiatives Chair -

Kiera Stankewich '25