Related Coursework:

ECON 380 “Econ of Culture & Development” (Silwal)

JOUR 268 "News Media, Race and Ethnicity" (Colón)

POL 250 “Race and Equality” (Morel)

SOAN 291B “Archeology of Inequality” (Bell)

College is More Than Earning a Degree

Whether she's leading the Student Association for Black Unity, acting in a play or volunteering in the community as a Bonner Scholar, Sasha Edwards '20 is ever mindful that education can happen anywhere.

Up and Running

Molly Mann '20 combined fitness and service learning during her Shepherd summer internship at Back on My Feet in Washington, D.C.

Anna Paden Carson ’16

“Because of Tapestri, I now want to be on the front lines of immigration reform and can finally recognize and appreciate the reasons behind undocumented immigration.”

Kyle Singerman ’17

A multi-disciplinary Community-Based Research project gave Washington and Lee University students a chance to help local organizations take a closer look at access to affordable healthy food.