International Opportunities

Related Coursework Includes:

ECON 241 "Economics of War and Peace"

ECON/POL 288 "African Economic Development/African Politics in Ghana"

ECON 276 “Health Econ in Developing Countries” (Blunch)

ECON 295 "Intro to Sustainable Development"

ECON 380 “Econ of Culture & Development” (Silwal)

HIST 131 “Modern Latin America”

LIT 295 "The African Child Soldier"

POL 247 "Latin American Politics"

POL 288 "African Politics"

POL 380A “Immigration Attitudes” (Ponce de Leon)

SOAN 250 “Revolutions and Revolutionaries”

SPAN 295 "Hispanic Women in Literature, Cinema and Society"

A World of Difference

The Cape Town Program, a partnership between the Williams School and the Shepherd Program, provides students with an interdisciplinary experience they'll never forget.

Intellectual Curiosity Without Boundaries

James Ricks '21 spent the summer working for The Oda Foundation in Nepal, where he researched tobacco use and worked with children to create a mural that represents health in their town.

Beyond One Summer

Zainab Abiza ’19 studied at Princeton and spent time in Rabat, Morocco, with a Davis Projects for Peace grant. This semester, she's working to expand her Davis project.

Passionate and Prepared

Working in South Africa gave Will Hardage '20 a chance to combine his economics major and his poverty studies minor.