Related Coursework Includes:

ECON 234- Urban Education
ECON 236- Economics of Education
EDUC 302- Teaching Exceptional Learning
EDUC 369- Urban Education and Poverty*
POV 295- Child Abuse and Neglect Seminar (LAW 211)*
PSYCH 230- Contemporary Issues in Child Development
PSYCH 265- Developmental Psychopathology
SOAN 288- Childhood*

Interest STEMs from Fun

With a Davis Projects for Peace grant, Angel Vela de la Garza Evia ’18 created an educational summer program for children in his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico.

Emma Swabb ’16

After receiving the Johnson Opportunity Grant, Emma Swabb spent the summer of 2015 exploring alternative education models in Washington D.C. schools. The programs she helped institute were aimed at weakening the link between low-income communities and incarceration. By emphasizing eye contact, handshakes, individual attention, alumni presence, and community contribution, the programs create professional, kind “Men for Others”.

Empowering Youth to Be Leaders

Lorena Hernandez Barcena '19 had an eye-opening summer internship with Harlem Children’s Zone, an education nonprofit in New York.

Zach Taylor ’17

As a Shepherd Intern at Washington Jesuit Academy middle school in Washington D.C., Zach Taylor learned about race and how others can use it to define and constrain you. In the aftermath of many police-related deaths, his experience in a majority black and Hispanic middle school was characterized by discussions about race.

Kara Karcher ’11

As an alumnus, Kara Karcher is using her Shepherd Program experience to become a lawyer dedicated to helping women and children. The overlap she cultivated between the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor and the Poverty minor helped her see how the law could help her achieve the goals she had to impact society.

Lainey Johnson ’16

In the summer of 2016, Lainey Johnson was a Shepherd Intern at Bridges, St. Paul’s School in Baltimore, Maryland. She worked at a summer program dedicated to college preparedness, personal goals, and continued academics. She discusses how influential her experience was in helping her recognize the importance of childhood development and support.