Economic Development

Related coursework includes:

BUS 381- Social Entrepreneurship
ECON 229- Urban Economics *
ECON 232- African- American Human Capital Development: Challenges and Opportunities
ECON 233- Colorism
ECON 234- Urban Education: Poverty, Ethnicity and Policy*
ECON 235- The Economics of Social Issues*
ECON 236- Economics of Education*
ECON 237- Health Economics*
ECON 238- Poverty and Inequality in the United States*
ECON/POL 288- African Economic Development/ African Politics in Ghana
ECON/ SOAN 291A- Land in O'Odham
PHIL 242- Social Inequity and Fair Opportunity

Making Meaningful Impact

Eric Bazile '25 is interning with the Austin Greater Chamber of Commerce through the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP).

Tackling Social Issues

Nick Watson '22 is spending the summer working on housing issues as part of his Shepherd internship with the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity in Vermont.

Passionate and Prepared

Working in South Africa gave Will Hardage '20 a chance to combine his economics major and his poverty studies minor.

Ram Raval ’18

After interning at Cooper’s Ferry Partnership in Camden, New Jersey, Ram Raval talks about how his view of economic development changed to include human capabilities. He emphasizes how important infrastructure and economic development is to easing poverty.

Emma Busse ’15

Emma Busse interned at Cooper’s Ferry Partnership in the summer of 2016 and reflects on how the perceptions from media and early judgement can create harmful stereotypes of cities. She talks about the complexity of Camden and how first impressions aren’t always the case.

Changing Perspectives

Josh White ’16, George Park ’17, and Corey Guen ’17 spent a summer doing their Shepherd Internship in San Pedro, Belize. They discover that even though San Pedro is a bustling tourist destination, the permanent residents have been forgotten. They discuss how lack of infrastructure led to pollution-inducing terraforming, poor living conditions, and low education levels.