2016 Summit on Social Impact Careers

More than 60 students took part in the inaugural Summit on Social Impact Careers in November 2016, featuring 12 alumni who shared their insights on the paths they have taken that have led to social impact careers.

Keynote speakers were Christy Felling ’93, director of media and public affairs for Share Our Strength in Washington, DC, and Dave Foster ’93, founder and CEO of Bastogne Development Partners in Philadelphia. Both highlighted points in their careers where they made changes, why they made those decisions and how those changes have positively impacted their paths.

They and their fellow alumni supported the summit by discussing topics such as the benefits of gap-year experiences, careers in fundraising, how publicity and social media impact their jobs, and how students can market themselves to potential employers.

A reception on Friday and a lunch on Saturday offered opportunities for students to network with returning alumni, each other, and staff and faculty involved in the summit. Students especially enjoyed the opportunity to engage with alumni and to develop connections for the future. In turn, the alumni enjoyed the opportunity to get to know students and share their expertise, not to mention the chance to network with one another, too.

In addition to Felling and Foster, alumni presenters included:

  • Alexa Baca ’14, Data Engineer, Protenus and Venture For America Fellow, Baltimore, MD
  • Brian Becker ’04, Director of Stewardship, Washington Jesuit Academy, Washington, DC
  • Jennifer Dean ‘12L, Founding Partner, Virginia Immigration Law Center, Roanoke, VA
  • Jamie Goodin ’10, Digital Engagement Manager, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA
  • Nicole Gunawansa ’14, Scribe, Riverside Regional Medical Center and Former Luce Scholar, Newport News, VA
  • Alex Klein ‘17L, Former Peace Corps Health Education Development Specialist, Lexington, VA
  • Quiana McKenzie ’08, Campaign Finance Advisory, EMILY’s List FOCUS 2020, Chicago, IL
  • Paul Negron ’03, Program Support Specialist, DC State Board of Education, Washington, DC
  • Justine Sessions ’05, Principal, Kivvit, Washington, DC
  • Shiri Yadlin ’12, Georgetown University Graduate Student, Former Elrod Fellow and Fulbright Fellow, Washington, DC