Student Opportunities


Ongoing research with faculty - Students may earn credit during the academic year by participating in ongoing research conducted by faculty members.  These projects are individually arranged and may earn up to 3 credits.

Presentations - Various opportunities exist for students to polish their presentation and communication skills.

  • Science Society and the Arts (SSA) is a one and a half day university-wide symposium devoted to presentations of student accomplishments.
  • The university funds student travel with professors to professional conferences.

Summer Research Scholars Program
Projects are chiefly of two types: assisting a professor in research or carrying out a student-planned project under the supervision of a professor. In either case, the supported work is conducted during the summer months.

Enrichment Opportunities

Clubs and Organizations

  • Engineering Community Development
    The mission of the Engineering Community Development (ECD) Club at Washington & Lee is to combine the efforts of not only engineering students, but of all majors and interests in order to enhance the living conditions of developing communities locally and worldwide. As an Engineering World Health (EWH) chapter, the ECD club will promote biomedical engineering skills for the developing world. Students will learn about poverty stricken areas and utilize creative and thought-out solutions as a team, focusing on the fields of health, water, sanitation, energy, transportation, telecommunication, agriculture or any other field where engineering can promote the basic standard of living of communities locally and in the developing world. Please visit our webpage,

  • Sigma Pi Sigma
    Sigma Pi Sigma, the national Physics Honor Society, honors outstanding scholarship in physics, encourages interest in physics among students, promotes service, and provides fellowship.
  • Science, Society and the Arts Conference
    Science, Society, and the Arts is a multi-disciplinary conference involving Washington and Lee undergraduates and law students in the presentation of their academic achievements before an audience of their peers and the faculty. Conference participants share their work via oral presentations, traditional academic-conference-style panels, poster sessions, artistic shows, or creative performances. Students, faculty, and staff may also choose to participate in colloquia organized around common readings proposed by interested Washington and Lee community members.

  • Tri-Beta - Phi Xi Chapter of the National Biological Honor Society
    The Phi Xi Chapter of Tri-Beta National Biological Honor Society exists to promote the pursuit of a higher level of educational achievement, the companionship among science scholars, and the appreciation of the biological sciences. Tri-Beta aspires to open doors for students pursuing medical school, graduate school, or any other post-graduate plans. Tri-Beta is committed to providing students with an opportunity to use their interest in the sciences with the goal of enhancing our academic community.

Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Budapest Semesters in Mathematics
    Hungary has a long tradition of excellence in mathematics education. However, because of the language barrier, students have not been able to take advantage of the skill and dedication of the mathematics faculties of Hungarian universities. Through this program, mathematics and computer science majors in their junior/senior years may spend one or two semesters in Budapest and study under the tutelage of eminent Hungarian scholar-teachers.

  • St. Andrews - W&L Partnership
    Washington and Lee University and the University of St Andrews have joined in a partnership, providing a quality study abroad experience for students in the sciences and students interested in the health professions.