W&L eCard

W&L eCard is an online tool to manage your University Card accounts. eCard lets you check recent activity on your University Card, use a credit card to add funds to your flex accounts, or suspend a lost or stolen University Card. You can even ask Nana Mary to deposit money into your account! Acceptable credit cards are: VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.


Students, faculty and staff can all take advantage of W&L eCard. Guests can make a deposit into a student account (but cannot see balances or other card information).

Getting Started

Begin by logging into the W&L eCard web site, by using your University network login and password.

Guest Deposits

Your guest(s) can make a deposit to your account, by clicking on the Guest Deposit section. Guest must know your student University Card ID number and must enter your last name. Both you and the guest will receive email confirmation of the deposit.

Lost Card

Instantly suspend your University Card online. To reactivate or replace your card, you must visit the Card Office, located at the Student Affairs Office, second floor of Baker Hall.