Leadership Development

The goal of Leadership Development is to create a culture of shared leadership that stresses

  • individual significance
  • personal honor and integrity
  • harmonious relationships with others
  • the responsibility to serve society through the productive use of talent and training.

All persons have leadership capabilities which will be explored and developed through diverse co-curricular activities; emphasizing leadership that is based on these foundations:

  • tangible bases of leadership are external, objective, material, involving specific skill sets.
  • intangible bases are internal, subjective and are more process-oriented.

Effective leadership combines both the head and the heart, the tangible and intangible skills and qualities.

While the Division of Student Affairs works collaboratively to promote Washington and Lee University's core values of academic excellence, civility, personal honor and integrity, we appreciate student feedback and want to be intentional in our programmatic efforts.

Please contact Leah Beard, Director of Leadership Development and Student Engagement, if you are interested in leadership development, education, and/or programming.