Event Marketing

The Office of Student Activities is happy to assist with marketing (e.g., distributing flyers and advertising on social media). 

Once you've planned your event, consider these ways to get the word out:

  1. Post the event on the Online Events Calendar 
  2. Submit a Campus Notice
  3. Create Posters/Flyers (Please allow 4-6 weeks)
  4. Tag us on your Instagram event posts (@wlustudentactivities) so we can share it to our story.

Policies and guidelines for posting/advertising on campus:

Banners/Posters: Banners are not permitted in Elrod Commons. Posters/flyers should be approved in advance by the Dean of Student Life. The Division of Student Affairs may remove inappropriate posters/flyers, those not associated with Recognized Student Organizations, or which advertise events for which the date has expired. Academic buildings, Leyburn Library, and other spaces on campus may restrict banners/posters/flyers in their own designated areas as determined by department. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Posters/flyers in Elrod Commons must include an upcoming event or deadline.
  • Posters/flyers may not be posted on doors or windows.
  • Posters/flyers may only be posted on designated bulletin boards.

Chalk: Chalk is approved for use on designated areas of campus on a case-by-case basis. Please submit your request at least one week in advance to studentactivities@wlu.edu. Organizations using chalk on campus without prior approval may incur cleaning costs from Facilities Management.  

Tabling in Elrod Commons: RSO are eligible to table in Elrod Commons or outdoors promote student organization events and/or fundraising. Please visit 25 Live to reserve a table inside Elrod Commons. To reserve a table outdoors, please contact studentactivities@wlu.edu.