Co-Sponsoring Events

The Office of Student Activities encourages student-generated and student-supported programming. We also encourage organizations to work together to create a better program or event. There is always time to find co-sponsorships, even if the event planning is underway. Please consider working with another organization or the Office of Student Activities to make your event a success!

Why Co-Sponsor?

When student organizations work together, they are able to increase available funding and productivity while decreasing work on each person.  

How Can My Organization Co-Sponsor?

Organizations can co-sponsor events and programs in multiple ways. For example, organizations can:

  • contribute money to an event,
  • advertise the event,
  • produce strong organizational attendance; and/or
  • provide services (e.g., selling refreshments)

Yes! Multiple sponsorships are encouraged! Please feel free to think creatively about ways multiple organizations can make your event successful. 

If your organization would like to be included in or responsible for an event already planned on campus, please contact us at