Education, Programming and the University Environment

The University discourages underage and high-risk use of alcohol and illegal drug use. Assessment of student behaviors, the University environment and the negative consequences of alcohol and other drug use takes place regularly. Education and programming to meet identified needs are key elements in our primary alcohol and drug prevention program. The University provides such educational programming in various formats as an ongoing part of the student experience at Washington and Lee University, beginning with pre-orientation materials for undergraduate and law students, continuing through the freshman program, and on throughout students’ tenure at the University. The University communicates with both students and parents of undergraduate students regarding state and local alcohol and drug laws and University policies, and the responsibility of students to follow these laws and policies both on and off campus.

Confidential evaluation and treatment of students experiencing health problems from alcohol or drug use are key elements in our secondary prevention program. Students seeking care, or assisting others in seeking care, at the Student Health or Counseling Centers or other health care facilities for alcohol- or drug-related problems are not subject to disciplinary action, a practice called “safe haven” by the University community. Administrative and/or parental notification will not result unless a student engages in behavior that causes a significant danger of serious harm to self or others.

The University supports social events that are alcohol-free through various campus activities, for example, intramurals, sports clubs, residence hall programming, and a variety of diverse student organizations. Traveller provides a reliable safe ride program for students.

Social activities in undergraduate classroom buildings are alcohol free, absent special circumstances and only with approval of the Dean of Students. The non-profit service of alcohol by a licensed vendor is permitted to of-age individuals in controlled environments at Washington and Lee University during campus-wide events with the approval of the Dean of Students. All law school student events where alcohol is served must be approved by the Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs. All existing University policies concerning the service of alcohol must be followed.