Village Apartments

Location: West Denny Circle
Floors: 3
Coed: by Apartment with a few designated units coed within apartments
Room Types: Singles
Residents:  192
Air Conditioning: Yes
Elevator:  Civic Building A Only
On-Site Laundry Room: Yes; Washer/Dryer in each apartment unit
Assigned: by Housing Lottery; full-fill required

The residential Village consists of two distinct groupings called Augusta Square and Liberty Hall Common. Augusta Square, located on the lower section of land adjacent to the new natatorium, consists of a series of 4 apartment buildings and 3 townhouse buildings. Two of the apartment buildings in Augusta Square provide community spaces hosting a restaurant, pub, fitness center, living room, study room, an outdoor courtyard and a small cluster of apartments on upper floors. Liberty Hall Common is located directly above the turf field and contains 5 apartment buildings and 5 townhouse buildings that surround a green space. The location of the Village provides some amazing views of the surrounding mountains.

Each apartment unit contains four single bedrooms, one large bathroom, half bath, and shower OR 2 full bathrooms (shower curtains provided), a kitchen, living room, balcony (no outdoor furniture provided), washer/dryer, exterior door swipe access, and wireless internet. XFINITY On CampusTM is included with on-campus housing! 

Each Bedroom Contains:

  • one full-sized XL bed with mattress
  • one wooden desk
  • one desk chair
  • two under bed or stackable dressers
  • one night stand
  • one closet
  • cable TV jack
  • vinyl tile floor throughout

Kitchen Contents

  • refrigerator
  • range/oven
  • dishwasher
  • microwave
  • sink
  • cabinets
  • counter with 3 bar stools
    **Pots, Pans, Dishes, Utensils NOT provided

Living Room Contents

  • one couch
  • two chairs
  • two end tables
  • one coffee table
  • cable TV jack
  • media cabinet

Apartment Floor Plans

All apartment buildings have a designated letter (example - D). All individual apartments located within a building have a designated letter and number (example - D2).  All bedrooms within a particular apartment have a designated letter, followed by two numbers (example - D2-1).

BuildingFirst FloorSecond FloorThird Floor
Civic A n/a n/a A1 (CA/Staff) & A2
Civic B n/a B1 & B2 B3 & B4
Apartment C C1 & C2 C3 & C4 C5 & C6
Apartment D D1 & D2 (CA/Staff) D3 & D4 D5 & D6
Apartment E E1 & E2 (CA/Staff) E3 & E4 E5 & E6
Apartment F F1 & F2 F3 & F4 F5 & F6
Apartment G G1 & G2 G3 (CA/Staff) & G4 G5 & G6
Apartment H H1 & H2 H3 & H4 H5 & H6
Apartment I I1 & I2 (CA/Staff) I3 & I4 I5 & I6

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