Support Groups 2017-2018

Support Groups at W&L

Washingtonian SocietyThis is a support network for students who have had problems with alcohol or substance use, who want to connect with others in a similar situation and want help with change. Complete sobriety is not required. This social support group helps students find friendship and support for their desire for change. The group meets weekly for a meal and social time with the aim of fostering connection, friendship, and support for students with alcohol and substance issues. Contact Dr. Kirk Luder at for more information. 

LGBTQ Resource Center – The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Resource Center supports a welcoming community for LGBTQ students and allies, provides an open, diverse, and safe environment in which all members of the W&L community may explore sexual and gender identity issues, and serves as a focal point for campus LGBTQ resources, services, and programs. The Center works to diminish the prejudice that limits the educational experience and safety of LGBTQ community members within the university.  Contact Rallie Snowden, LGBTQ Coordinator, at for more information. 

Finding Our Truth ­Are you exploring your sexual orientation or gender identity?  Are you looking for a place to feel welcomed and supported?    You’ve found it at W&L, where there is a weekly discussion and support group for LGBTQ students.  Contact Rallie Snowden, LGBTQ Coordinator, at for more information.  All inquiries will be kept confidential. 

Mindful Eating Support Group ­Do you skip meals or eat on the run?  Do you alternate between restricting and overeating?  Do you eat for emotional reasons like boredom or anxiety?  Do you feel anxious eating in social situations?  If you experience one or any of the above, the Counseling Center is offering a workshop for students on mindful eating, which addresses these issues.  Contact Dr. Christy Barongan at for more information.

Depression and Anxiety Support Group ­Have you had experiences with depression or anxiety?  Sometimes students who feel anxious or depressed have trouble talking to their friends about it and can feel isolated.  A peer support/discussion group is available for students who want to connect with others who have had similar issues.  Contact Dr. Kirk Luder at for more information. 

Student Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group – This support group is open to students who have experienced a sexual assault and are seeking support in their recovery.  Contact Dr. Janet Boller at for more information.