Insurance Information for Student Athletes

Athletic insurance coverage for student athletes is for injuries sustained to W&L athletes while participating in our intercollegiate sports programs. Although a diligent effort is made by the Athletic Department to minimize the risk of athletic injuries, there is always a possibility of injury though participation in sports activities.

The insurance provided by the Athletic Department is SECONDARY. This means that the student must file a claim with his or her parents’ insurance BEFORE the Athletic Department policy can be utilized. This policy only covers injuries that occur during supervised athletic practices and competition (by coaches and/or athletic trainers).

The Student-Athletes Pre-participation forms must be completed before a student may participate in intercollegiate athletics. We also ask that you attach copies of all insurance and/or prescriptions cards (both front and back sides with co-pays marked). The form and insurance card photocopies must be completed and returned to Washington & Lee University, Athletic Training by August 1 of the upcoming school year in order for the athletic to qualify for participation in our intercollegiate sports and insurance programs.

Our athletes are expected to do the following with their insurance claims:

  1. Submit insurance claims to YOUR OWN MEDICAL COVERAGE immediately upon receipt of bills from the doctor, hospital, or any other provider of service. The Student Insurance Coordinator at Washington and Lee will assist with filing claims for students enrolled in the University endorsed Accident and Sickness Policy. As a courtesy, some health care providers will submit claims directly to the insurance company. You should receive a copy of the bill with the information that this as been done.
  2. If there is no personal, family, or work related insurance, or if the insurance does not cover the entire claim, then send all information to Washington & Lee Athletic Training. If the claim is denied, please send all that information, as well. The balance of your claim will be submitted to our athletic insurance carrier for payment. The address and contact information is:

W&L University Athletic Training
204 W. Washington St.
Lexington, VA 24450
Tel: 540.458.8486
Fax: 540.458.8173