Services Offered

Physician/Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner Appointments

Physician/Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner appointments are available Monday-Friday. Please call the Student Health Center at 540-458-8401 to schedule an appointment.

Infirmary Care

The Student Health Center has seven beds available for overnight care if a student is too ill to care for themselves, but is not ill enough to require hospitalization. Emergency medical situations beyond the scope of care at the Student Health Center should be evaluated and treated at Carilion Rockbridge Community Hospital, located just one mile from campus.


Documentation of current immunization status for Tetanus-Diphtheria, MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), Polio, and Hepatitis B are required for all incoming students. History or laboratory evidence of chicken pox or Varicella vaccination is also required. Meningococcal vaccination is required for all incoming undergraduate students. Tuberculosis screening is required for all incoming students. Further information regarding immunization requirements is available on the immunization portion of the required Health Form.

Additional immunization doses a student might need to complete these requirements are available at the Student Health Center, or the local office of the state Health Department. Depending on the student's insurance plan and vaccine type, many immunizations given at the Student Health Center can be billed directly to the insurance plan.  Others can be charged to the student's University account, in which case a receipt will be provided that may be submitted by the student to health insurance or flexible spending plans for consideration.

Other immunizations such as the Influenza vaccine (flu shot) are also available at the Student Health Center. Meningitis B, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, vaccines for travel and specialized immunizations such as Yellow Fever are available at local pharmacies and the local office of the state Health Department.

Allergy Shots

The Student Health Center will administer allergy shots on the instructions of outside physicians. Students should bring or send their allergy serum and instruction sheets to the Student Health Center. At the time of the first visit the nurse will review the procedures we follow when giving allergy shots. To learn more about allergic disease and get some tips to control allergies and asthma in college, go to the website of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.


The Student Health Center maintains a limited formulary of over-the-counter and prescription medications to treat many of the most common medical problems we see. Over-the-counter meds may be dispensed by a nurse or a physician. Prescription meds may be administered by a nurse on physician orders, or dispensed by a physician. We do not fill prescriptions from outside physicians, and we do not dispense medications needed for ongoing treatment. Most of our medications can be purchased for between $5 and $20, similar to the prescription co-payment amount for many insurance plans.  These charges may be placed on a student's University account, or paid by cash or check to the W&L Student Health Center.


Several pharmacies are located in the area for student's ongoing prescription needs or medications not available at the Student Health Center. These include:

  • CVS Pharmacy: 540-463-7126
  • Kroger Pharmacy: 540-464-1600
  • Lexington Prescription Center: 540-463-9166 (delivers student prescriptions to the Student Health Center every weekday)
  • WalMart Pharmacy: 540-464-3522

Travel Health

Be prepared for study or travel abroad. Click here for more information from the CDC travel website pertinent to the area that you plan to visit. The Student Health Center is prepared to assist you with health forms, travel immunizations and other preparations, as well as follow up for any health problems after travel. 

Women's Health

Women's health information and examinations with Pap tests and STI screening are available at the Student Health Center. Condoms, birth control pills and contraceptive injections are available through the Student Health Center, and we can refer to area women's health providers for other long-acting contraceptives such as implants and IUDs.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception medication is available at the Student Health Center for situations where contraceptive protection was compromised, such as condom failure, unprotected sex or sexual assault. Emergency contraception medication is effective at reducing the risk of pregnancy in such a situation if started within 72 hours, but should be started as soon as possible. The nurse on duty at the Student Health Center can assist you. 

Sexual Health

The decision to be sexually active is one that many students consider during their college years. It is a decision that should be carefully considered to ensure both physical and emotional health. Being sexually active carries with it the responsibility to consider the possibility of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections with every sexual encounter. Information and supplies for various methods of contraception are available at the Student Health Center. Being sexually responsible also means avoiding sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs to assure mutual consent. More information about these issues, as well as testing for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, is available at the Student Health Center.

HIV and other STI Testing

Confidential testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections is available at the Student Health Center, or at local and regional health department offices.

Laboratory Services

Lab testing done through the Student Health Center is sent to the local hospital laboratory for analysis. Lab charges apply to this service. The hospital can do insurance billing with current insurance information, or discounted charges can be billed to a student's University account and a statement provided to the student on request to submit to their insurance plan. Results can be faxed to outside physicians as needed, for example to monitor acne medication therapy prescribed by a dermatologist. 


Referrals can be made by the Physician/Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner at the Student Health Center to area medical specialists, for x-ray studies, for physical therapy services, etc. We will try to assist with pre-authorization for these services, but parents or home primary care physicians often need to be involved in this process.