TIPS Training for Intervention Procedures

TiPS for the University is a skills training program that has been designed specifically for college students. Whether you choose to drink or not, at some point you will be in a situation where others around you are consuming alcohol. It's important for you to know how to handle these situations effectively. With TiPS training, you will gain the skills you need to prevent intoxication in others as well as intervene with those people who have misused alcohol.

This program takes into account the unique environment which you, the university student, face on-and off-campus. Specifically, it addressed the following:

  • The different setting in which drinking among college students takes place,
  • What you can do to prevent alcohol-related problems,
  • The attitudes of your fellow students towards drinking.

The TiPS program is designed to help you define and improve the skills you already have so that you can:

  • Help people understand and enjoy responsible drinking,
  • Handle unpleasant situations when someone has already had too much to drink In addition to refining your existing skills.

TiPS for the University will also teach you how to:

  • Be confident and comfortable with the way alcohol is consumed and served,
  • Influence your peers' drinking behavior in a non-threatening way,
  • Understand the law pertaining to alcohol consumption, specifically underage drinking.

Understanding the TiPS Program Format

The TiPS program format includes videotape presentations, participant manuals and interactive discussion. These components work together to create a relaxed, informative atmosphere in which you can learn and practice new skills.

The Goal of TiPS for the University

The goal of TiPS for the University is to provide students with the skills they need to intervene in situations where their peers are misusing alcohol. By working together during this program you will:

  • Learn how alcohol affects people who are drinking,
  • Take the information provided and apply it to skills exercises,
  • Share ideas for influencing drinking behavior among your peers,
  • Develop strategies for preventing alcohol-related tragedies on your campus.

To Sign Up for a TiPS Program call the Office of Health Promotion at 458-4501 or e-mail