Concerned You Might Be Pregnant?

The Student Health Center offers free, confidential pregnancy testing with results available in 5 minutes, with no appointment needed. A first morning urine sample is the most accurate--it is best to come to the Student Health Center as soon as you get up in the morning to give us a specimen, although samples collected at any time may be tested. If you prefer to collect a sample at home to bring in for testing it must be collected in a clean, dry container and stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 48 hours. Testing is accurate as early as one day after a missed or late period. If the sample is very dilute and the test is negative, you may be asked to come back again in 48 hours to test a first morning urine sample, or to see the doctor for a blood test for pregnancy.

If you are facing an unexpected pregnancy it is time to consider all your options--the Student Health Center has information on prenatal care, parenting options, pregnancy support services, adoption and abortion. There are lots of resources available to support you no matter which option is right for you. Washington and Lee is committed to helping students stay in school, or take a break and return when they are ready, no matter what decisions they make about a pregnancy.

Student Health Center and University Counseling staff can help you consider all the options available to you as you make decisions about how to handle an unexpected pregnancy. You may choose to involve friends or family in this decision making process, and we can help facilitate those discussions.

The Dean of Students can explain options and resources that may help you manage issues like a medical leave, housing, child care, balancing parenting and academics, etc.

Please contact us to make an appointment for a free, confidential visit with one of our health care professionals. You can talk to a nurse in the Student Health Center to schedule an appointment, or contact us by phone or e-mail at:

Student Health Center

University Counseling

The Student Health Center is open 24/7 when undergraduate classes are in session and 9-5 daily when law school only is in session.