International Students

International students face many of the same difficulties that all students encounter as the make the transition to college life, such as missing loved ones, familiar surroundings, and familiar roles. However, international students face some unique challenges as well. They vary in terms of their familiarity with the U.S. and their level of acculturation. International students are usually much further from loved ones and do not have the opportunity to return home every 6 weeks as traditional students do. It may be more of a challenge for them to find places of worship, certain foods, music, and other comforts of home.

In addition, international students have to be mindful of the status of their student visa when encountering some of the obstacles students face. For example, international status may affect their health care coverage and referrals. Visa status may be affected when students transfer, go on academic probation, or withdraw from the university. Visa status may also be affected when students face disciplinary sanctions.

University Counseling is one of several resources that international students may want to utilize in coping with adjustment difficulties that arise during this period of role and cultural transition.