It is not uncommon for students to experience some degree of homesickness when making a major transition such as going to college. Homesickness not only means missing family, friends, and romantic partners; it can also extend to anything of comfort that students have left behind, such as pets, favorite restaurants, or familiar social roles. It may also result from having to take on new challenges that push students out of their comfort zone such as fitting into the social milieu, being in a more rigorous academic environment, or learning how to manage their time and assess their priorities and values.

Often these difficulties resolve on their own as students develop a better sense of themselves in their new role. However, there are some students who find these challenges overwhelming. They may feel isolated because their peers seem to adjusting better than they are, or they may feel unable to adapt to their new environment. In these instances, University Counseling can be a useful resource for helping students cope with these difficulties.