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Current Issue

Ask the professor: “Any tips on managing anxiety when speaking in front of people?” • The science of "me-time": How relaxation can boost your productivity • 5 ways to reach your peak happiness • Ask the nutritionist: “Sugar (e.g., candy bars) is the only thing that gets me to sit down and study. How do I stop this habit?” • FitnessU: A perfect playground workout • 6 ways to harness your introvert advantage • Apps and podcasts we love: The Moth Podcast • Ask the doc: “Some of my friends have developed fatty liver disease and they are so young. Why is this happening to them?” • 3 meditation myths debunkedMaking the most of disability services on your campus • UCookbook: Honey-lime fruit salad

Self Care Guide

A quick reference for common health questions and emergencies facing students today. Everything you want to know about taking care of yourself from A-Z.

Orientation Issue

A must read for all first-years! Articles about dealing with roommates • staying active and eating well • making money last • and much more.