Building a Better Body Image

Unhappy with the reflection in the mirror?  Don't change your body--change your attitude:

  • Separate your self-esteem from your appearance: Who you are isn't defined by your weight or your thighs.  Develop other measures of successes that don't focus on body size.
  • Think critically about media images: Models represent 1% of the population, and they have to go to unrealistic measures to maintain their appearance.  Many photos are computer generated using pieces and parts from various women.
  • Get moving: Use exercise for movement, flexibility, grace, strength and endurance.
  • Eat healthy foods: You are in control of the foods you choose to eat.  Start with fruits and vegetables.  Alter your eating patterns.  List your triggers for problem situations. Confront your cravings.  Eat for nutrition, not emotion
  • Learn to cope with stress: Use relaxation strategies, exercise, yoga, meditation to manage your stress. Avoid using food as a stress management tool.