Dispatch 540.458.8900

Traveller Dispatch is available every night of the week from 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM. To request a ride, simply call (540) 458-8900 or request via the online request form, and be prepared to provide the following information: your name, current location, desired location, number of passengers, and phone number. All rides must be within a 5-mile radius of W&L's campus and include six or fewer passengers to qualify as serviceable. Each student is able to use Dispatch once per night, and the student's destination must be their home. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a sanction.

On nights in which Transit is operating, Dispatch supplements the existing bus route by providing transportation home for students not living near a Transit bus stop. Students conveniently living near a Traveller stop are expected to use Transit service if their pickup location is also on the designated route.

However, all rides within a 5-mile radius of W&L's campus are eligible for Dispatch service on nights Transit is not operating. Therefore, on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights during Fall and Winter Term, Dispatch services rides despite both the pick-up and drop-off locations being located on the Transit route.

Dispatch can only guarantee service to students who call before 1:30 A.M. to ensure drivers can return to campus by 2:00 A.M. for mandatory vehicle inspections. Rides requested after 1:30 will be serviced to the best of the employees' abilities. Waitlists develop on busy nights; therefore, you should call early to ensure you receive a ride home.
Students are expected to wait outside their pick-up location after they request a ride. If students are not at their pick-up location when a driver arrives, they will be moved to the bottom of the active waitlist. Please be considerate of both Traveller employees and fellow classmates to ensure Traveller can operate efficiently and provide more rides home.

Students utilizing Dispatch services are expected to fully comply with the Traveller Conduct Policy. Passengers who soil Traveller vehicles (determined by the Chairman) will be asked to pay for proper car treatment (approximately $75).

In case of an emergency, Traveller employees will contact Public Safety to request an immediate transport to the health center. This can also be accomplished by students contacting Public Safety directly.

Drivers are authorized to contact Public Safety or local law enforcement if necessary.