Faculty Adviser Assignment and Course Schedule Information August 18, 2021

From the time you enter as a first-year student (FY) until you have declared a major during your sophomore year, you are served by an initial faculty adviser.

W&L emphasizes holistic advising, meaning that your relationship with your adviser should go well beyond the mechanics of just registering for classes. Your conversations should broadly address your interests and concerns so you can begin developing a relationship with your adviser and connecting with resources and opportunities. We encourage you to utilize your adviser by keeping them informed proactively throughout the year, and we expect you to respond to your adviser in a timely and appropriate manner.

We made a concerted effort to place you with an adviser in a discipline that matches one of your initial interests; however, it is not possible to do this 100 percent of the time due to the limited number of professors advising within certain disciplines. So, for example, if you are interested in economics and you were placed with an art professor, there is no need to worry. Your first year is a great opportunity to explore a variety of courses and W&L professors serving as advisers are well-versed in our entire curriculum.

You are encouraged to speak with multiple faculty from disciplines that interest you in addition to your adviser.  The first, best opportunity to do so is during the Academic Fair on Monday, September 6 from 10:30am-12:30pm.

Your adviser will more than likely contact you in the next few weeks, but feel free to initiate contact at any time, especially if you have not heard from your adviser before Orientation Week (OWeek) begins.  You will find contact information for your adviser through our online directory at http://go.wlu.edu/Directory/.

You are scheduled to meet with your adviser during OWeek on Wednesday, September 8 between 9-11:30am.  Your adviser will communicate to you how they plan to schedule the time and will work with anyone observing Rosh Hashanah to find a different time if necessary.

Your schedule should soon be viewable utilizing Self-Service.  Please use the resources available on the Registrar’s website for instructions on course planning and registration at https://my.wlu.edu/university-registrar/courses-and-registration/registration-help-for-students. The steps for registering for classes are the same steps students use to make changes. The menu on the right of the page offers additional help on specific topics.

While most FYs should not need to drop/add anything, you do have the option to do so beginning September 9 at 7:30am, after you have met in person with your initial faculty adviser during OWeek.  Please note – your initial faculty adviser has to give you web authorization in order for you to be able to drop/add.   There is also an academic fair and registration helpdesk available during OWeek.  You can view the full Oweek schedule on the FYE website.

We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!                                                                                                                        


Jason Rodocker
Dean for First-Year Experience


Paul Youngman

Associate Provost