Designing and Making

Explore the wide variety of technologies available for students to use in the IQ Center, learn how to use these technologies, and go home with custom designed and created products made right in the Science Center! Learn how to create 2D vector designs to laser cut and engrave, how to model 3D parts for rendering and 3D printing, about creating centimeter-accurate 3D models of a landscape using drones, and how to combine laser cutting and sewing to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized tote bag. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to meet and work with several Washington and Lee professors to hear how they use these technologies in their classes and their research.

Highlights and Overview
• Use terrestrial and airborne LiDAR scanners to create accurate 3D models of interior spaces and landscapes
• Learning how to design 2D vectors to create a custom keychain, waterjet cut coaster, and laser engraved water bottle
• Learn how to design a 3D object that you can print and take home
• Using your newly developed 2D design skills to laser cut a custom logo that we will sew onto a tote bag made using our sewing station
• Meet professors from across campus face-to-face and learn how they use the IQ Center's resources
• Get an introduction to many of the technologies in the IQ Center including our high-speed camera, motion capture system, microscopy suite, drones, and more!

Please reach out to Mickie Brown ( or Dave Pfaff ( with any questions!