Appalachian Adventure Presented By W&L's Outing Club

Want to meet other students? Want to challenge yourself? Want to be honest with what makes you tick and what you are looking for at college? These trips are for you! We look forward to you joining us on one of these trips and making your introduction to Washington and Lee a lasting and meaningful experience.

Trip Highlights and Overview

  • Meet your group and leaders the first afternoon; equipment is given to you and some teambuilding activities are performed. Your trip leaders will explain your route, role, and the expectations for being a member of the group.
  • Buses depart for the trail-head at 7 the next morning.
  • You're dropped off at your hike! Start slowly and stop often, checking for blisters and conferring with all group members.
  • Make your first camp and settle in; set up tarps and start cooking dinner.
  • The large group is split into smaller "cook groups" to handle all meals; learn how to cook on a stove and enjoy your first night under the stars.
  • Your next day starts early with breakfast, repacking all group equipment, and then hitting the trail.
  • You'll stop for lunch at great vistas, small streams or scenic overlooks, and keep walking towards your next campsite.
  • At the end of the week, the bus picks you up and you head back to Lexington.
  • Arrive at the Outing Club barn, grab an ice cream bar, t-shirt and snag a picture with your group.
  • Some minor clean up, then back to campus for your long awaited shower!

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