Perspectives is a quick and interactive way to familiarize incoming students with several resources they should utilize early and often at W&L.  Instead of sitting through a panel presentation, upper-division students lead incoming students on a walking tour. 

  • Campus Recreation explains athletic facilities for recreational use, group fitness classes, intramurals, sport clubs, etc.
  • Student Health and Counseling explains Student Health Center services, Counseling services, health promotion, etc.
  • Global Service House explains the Campus Kitchen, other service initiatives, opportunities for service, etc.
  • International Education explains study abroad, curriculum infusion, etc.
  • Academic Help Centers explains the Math Center, Writing Center, Peer Tutoring, etc.
  • Career Development explains the many services they offer appropriate for FYs, etc.

Physically stepping foot in these locations and hearing from the University employees and upper-division students representing them will increase understanding, comfort level and likelihood to utilize the resources.