William Ransom Solastalgia: On Hold

In the Gallery

February 23 - March 19, 2021


Wednesday, February 24th,  5:30pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Click here to view the video recording of the artist's talk. 

About The Exhibition

The exhibition, featuring new work by Ransom and collaborative work created with W&L sculpture students in Sandy de Lissovoy's Land and Passage class, examines the notion of solastalgia --the sense of distress and uncertainty resulting from environmental change and degradation or slippage in societal foundations.  The work in this show is based on the premise that the solace of a known landscape or a familiar view can be lost if the natural rhythms sustaining it are disrupted. Ransom's work pairs his personal story and history with the larger national story and legacy of race, justice and unrest and considers the existential unease  that comes with recognition of the truth of our collective history and an acknowledgment of perpetuating systems that have defined our nation from the start. William Ransom was born and raised on a dairy farm in Vermont and his work and life continue to be informed by his early material experiences and engagement with the cycles and rhythms at the intersection with the natural world. Ransom received an MFA in Sculpture from Claremont Graduate University in 2008 and a BA from Bennington College in 2004. He currently teaches Sculpture at Marlboro College in Vermont. 

Virtual Tour

If you aren't able to be on campus to view William Ransom's exhibition, check out the virtual gallery tour: CLICK HERE 

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    Visit the artist's website: https://williamransom.art/

    Solastalgia: On Hold

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