Xavier Tavera On the Edge / En el Filo

In the Gallery

September 2 - 27, 2019

Lecture and Reception

Wednesday, September 18, 5:30pm

About The Exhibition

After moving from Mexico City to the United States, photographer Xavier Tavera experienced a sense of cultural alienation that compelled him to document the spaces, places, events, people and artifacts of those living in marginalized communities. Tavera's images offer insight into the diversity of numerous subcultures, giving a voice to those who are often invisible. This exhibition focuses on the notion of borderlands as Tavera explores the echoes of cultural clashes at the United States/Mexican border that reverberate through other Latina/o/x geographies. Tavera has shown his work extensively nationally and internationally including Germany, Scotland, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and China. He lives and works in Minneapolis, MN where he teaches at the University of Minnesota.

Visit the artist's website: https://www.xaviertavera.com/