The Book Expanded Language, Art, Form

In the Gallery

February 12 - March 20, 2020

Lecture and Reception

Wednesday, March 4, 5:30pm

About The Exhibition

The artistic medium of book arts is explored in this exhibition curated by Washington and Lee Visiting Instructor Claudia Smigrod who teaches in this subject. In The Book Expanded: Language, Art, Form, Smigrod focuses on content-driven works that reflect our social and cultural landscape. Her selections from Arizona State's Pyracantha Press and the oeuvres of book artists Daniel Mayer and John Risseeuw span over 30 years of creative activity in this area of expression. Daniel Mayer is the Director of Pyracantha Press in the School of Art at Arizona State University where he publishes collaborative limited-edition books and prints. Mayer, who will be delivering the exhibition event's lecture, also creates award-winning gateway public art projects. Arizona State University Professor Emeritus John Risseeuw taught book art, printmaking, and papermaking for 40 years. He founded the Pyracantha Press, the book art imprint of ASU, in 1982 and his own Cabbagehead Press in 1972.

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