Allison Young Arrangement of a System

     A set is a collection of distinct objects, and mathematically a set of numbers that have a similar property. For instance, the even numbers are a set.  However, the term 'set' can be applied to infinitely many things like people, types of plants, and literature, where a 'subset' of people would be US presidents. Naturally, people love to organize, categorize, and create sets to create order.  

     In my thesis, I have worked to create a set of imagery based on a simple object through different printmaking techniques. Printmaking is a form of visual transformation. Traditionally, printmakers engrave or carve an image on a surface and transfer the reverse of that image onto paper multiple times to create a series of identical prints.  The process of printing is slow and meticulous; however, I am a fast printmaker and use the printing press as my drawing tool.  Early on in my exploration, I was drawn to circular shapes, and have focused on creating similar imagery to create different subsets of objects.      Sets and set manipulation have been a large part of my academic experience, and as an homage to the many transformations that can be performed onto a set and its subsets, I will be manipulating the art piece during its installation to display different forms of connection and mappings possible with my manufactured set. 

Allison Young '20