Ann Hepler Hard-wired

Artist's Talk and Reception
Wednesday, October 18, 5:30pm
Wilson Hall's Concert Hall

Anna Hepler conducts non-thematic experiments in ceramic, wood, metal, and paper, both hand-held and monumental. Allowing each new piece to be informed by the last, Hepler coordinates a series of mutations that turn a collage into​ a woodcut, a woodcut into a print, a carved woodblock into​ a sculpture, and a wooden ​sculpture into a​ clay form. She portrays​ folded, slumped, stacked or intertwined forms in which one material looks​ or behaves​ like another. Wood slats mimic hanging rope; woodblocks resemble animal hides; drypoint etchings simulate scraps of cloth; ceramics appear to be made of steel; and wire sculptures drape and flow like fabric. Hard-wired presents recent work from Hepler's exploration into the language of visual perception, its illusions, its grammar of depth, surface, and edge, and the impressions that are gathered when certainty is lost.

Image details: Coney Island Crawler, 2017, ceramic, 12x11x 4 in.