2014-2015 Gallery Exhibitions

Clarence Morgan

Clarence Morgan's paintings, drawings and prints reflect a sophisticated understanding of abstraction and composition. His vocabulary of marks ranges from invented shapes to organic forms, which he uses to create layers of lyrical networks and dense patterns.

Josef Albers

Josef Albers (1888-1976) was a painter, poet, sculptor, art theorist, and an educator. Through his teachings he introduced a generation of American artists to the European modernist concepts of the Bauhaus. He was widely known for his experimentation with color interaction and geometric shapes.

Travis Head

Travis Head's work is inspired by a diaristic impulse to commemorate experience and examine the function of memory. He lists, inventories, and diagrams everything from the banal to the significant in his meticulous drawings and detailed sketchbooks, which Head considers finished works of art. He speaks of his works as souvenirs and often includes landscape imagery evocative of postcards.

Mark Fox

New York-based artist Mark Fox is best known for his two- and three-dimensional assemblages made from thousands of meticulous drawings that he cuts out and reassembles to create new narratives and unexpected associations. However Fox works in a variety of media, drawing on source material mined from personal biography, popular culture, news media, historical and religious texts, comic books, and advertising.

Louis Markoya

From 1971-75, artist Louis Markoya worked as a studio assistant for legendary Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. The experience had a profound effect and continues to influence his work, which he sees as an extension of Dali's vision.

Senior Theses Exhibit

Each year the graduating seniors in studio art exhibit their senior thesis projects in Staniar Gallery. An opportunity for these young artists to show their most advanced and inventive work in a gallery setting, the exhibition is a debut into the professional art world and an occasion for sharing their talent and achievements with the community.

Vincent Valdez

Vincent Valdez's work consists of large-scale hyper-realistic oil and pastel works that focus on subjects with socio-political themes. In The Strangest Fruit series, Valdez explores the widespread lynching of people of Mexican descent in Texas between 1848 and 1928.