Christa Kreeger Bowden Roots & Nests

Opening Reception & Artist's Talk by Christa Bowden:  November 14, 5:30, Wilson Hall's Concert Hall

W&L ‘s Professor of Photography Christa Bowden spent her recent sabbatical year developing a body of work that uses her unique medium of "cameraless" photography to reflect on profound shifts in her personal definition of home and family. Using a flatbed scanner to capture images of organic material, Bowden then breaks up the prints, mounts the grids on wooden panels and adds a layer of encaustic wax. The reassembled image expresses the artist's interest in "how an organic line is broken by a geometric edge, then continued, as the viewer's eye attempts to complete the image." Bowden, who started the W&L photography program in 2006, was the recipient of a 2009-10 Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship and a 2005 nominee for the Santa Fe Prize for Photography.

Nest I, 2009, archival pigment print with encaustic on wood panels