Barbara Duval & Meredith Root Abandon

• Opening Reception & Artist's Talk by Barbara Duval:   September 14, 5:30, Wilson Hall's Concert Hall                 

• Artist's Talk by Meredith Root: October 3, 4:30, Wilson 2018

In this exhibition, painter Barbara Duval and filmmaker Meredith Root challenge the boundaries of their respective disciplines to explore the notion of transitional space. Both artists capture a mysterious beauty in their work, set against the background of unnamed desolation. Duval's paintings and prints are filled with shadow-shaped figures, often depicted in motion and inhabiting a landscape that is eerily empty and dark. Meredith Root's 6 minute film, The Shortest Day, is a visual document of a dilapidated building in Milwaukee, WI , which was left as an institutional dumping ground after serving various manufacturers as a factory site for over 85 years. Barbara Duval is a professor of art at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and Meredith Root is on the faculty as director of the animation program at the Memphis School of Art in TN.

Right (right): Meredith Root, still from The Shortest Day, 2006, film, 6 minutes
(left) Barbara Duval, Untitled, etching with chine-collé, 6 x 8 in.